Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

By: Square-Enix

Genre: Action Roll Playing (RPG)

Release Date: Work In Progress

Systems: PSP

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Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Story

Keyblades appear to legend, the potential found in a Master,
and saved the world from a former Keyblade, It’s said to have led to chaos.

Prior to his Keyblade and Sora, the world of the”Keyblade War” was.
One of them, the only student of master Xenonhort,disappeared.
It was a great start of the next disaster. The first thing I noticed in the master, and the three warriors of our people,was in order to pursue master Xenonhort and his warriors.

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Characters

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket The 3 Knights: More on each Knight below.


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Terra:

Terra is a character seen in the secret movie as the oldest of the three soldiers. He has dark brown hair with a surprising resemblence of Ansem, and blue eyes. He begins the battle with the Xenonhort, and incidentally suffers the least damage from the encounter. Working together with the Aqua and Ven, he goes up against the Master Xenonhort, and toward the end of the epic battle, removes his helmet to gaze up at Kingdom Hearts above him.

Terra was first seen in “Sunset Horizons”, and was the first new character seen. He was standing triumphantly on top of a monstrous carcass resembling a Nobody, and picked up Sora’s Kingdom Key from the dust.


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketAqua:

Aqua is another new character, appearing to be a bit younger than Terra but older than Ven. She has vivid blue hair and blue eyes, and appears to be concentrated in magic more than physical attack skills. She casts Reflega quite a few times during the course of the battle against Master Xenonhort and his assistant. She appears to have a close connection to Ven, as seen when she and him lock eyes as he battles with Master Xenonhort and her reaction when his frozen body is flung to the ground beside her.

Aqua was also seen in Sunset Horizons–she picked up Mickey’s Keyblade.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketVen:

Ven appears to be the youngest of the three warriors, but this doesn’t keep him from showing his battle prowess. He bears a striking resemblance to the character Roxas, with identical hairstyle, facial features, and the same blonde/Brown hair and blue eyes, but this resemblance is still unexplained. It is unknown as to whether he Is related to Roxas. Ven concentrates on physical attacks most often, and during his faceoff with Master Xenonhort, he suffers the wrath of a Blizzaga spell throughout his entire body. Just as the battle turns in Master Xenonhorts favor, he locks eyes with Aqua far below, who watches the battle in horror. After part of his helmet shatters and Master Xenonhort lifts him clear off the ground by the neck, he is frozen solid and tossed off the cliff, his Keyblade and parts of his armor shattering as he falls. Aqua rushes to his side and lifts his frost-ridden body into her lap, shouting at him to see if he is all right, but all he can do is move his eyes to show her that he is still alive.

Ven was also seen in Sunset Horizons–he picked up Riku’s Keyblade, Way to Dawn


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket King Mickey:

Mickey appears from a hill, quite a ways from the battle. The mouse walks to the edge of the cliff, and watches as a heart-shapped moon appears in the sky. He is dawning a new black outfit and is wielding the Star Seeker Keyblade. His face goes serious as the trailer ends.


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Master Xenonhort:

Master Xenonhort is the mysterious enemy who approached the three knights in Sunset Horizons. A pivotal aspect about his character is the parallel to Xehanort’s Heartless–he appears to be wearing the exact clothing that KH1’s main villain wore. He appears to be skilled in both Keyblade wielding and magical attacks. He can also manipulate the environment, as seen when he creates cliffs beneath his feet. He can also manipulate the massive number of Keyblades littering the battlefield to fly in formation. Master Xenonhort, despite his appearance, has great physical strength and easily overtakes all three of the soldiers in some fashion. His most critical hit came when he froze Ven from head-to-toe and tossed him off of a cliff to Aqua below.

Master Xenonhort also creates a dark ball of energy and launches it into the sky, summoning what appears to be Kingdom Hearts from the clouds.


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Master Xenonhort’s Assistant: 

The Dark Soldier bears resemblance to both a Nobody and Riku’s Dark Form. It spawns directly from Master Xenonhort, appearing as a mirror-image of him and then solidifying into this odd dark-being hybrid. It appears to specialize in magic spells, and mostly stays by Master Xenonhort’s side to assist in the battle. It has the ability to “ride” the waves of Keyblades that Master Xenonhort manipulates.

The Dark Soldier was not seen in Sunset Horizons, as he did not appear until the Master Xenonhort was in clear view.


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Kingodm Hearts Birth By Sleep Faqs & Walkthroughs

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Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Trailers & Gameplay

  Birth By Sleep Trailer

   Birth By Sleep Terra Gameplay 

Birth By Sleep Ven Gameplay


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